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A new name for Wyjolab: Véto-pharma – Development and Manufacturing

On 1st January 2019, Wyjolab, the pharmaceutical laboratory for veterinary manufacturing, located in Chaillac (36), in central France, will merge with its sister company since 2002, Véto-pharma – Beekeeping, located in the Paris region (91), for more than 25 years dedicated to the development and distribution of beekeeping health products throughout France and rest of the world. The two companies are to become a single legal entity.

A company in growth for over 30 years, 100% dedicated to its clients

Since 1988, Wyjolab has offered a pharmaceutical and nutritional development and manufacturing service to clients in the veterinary and nutrition sectors. Thanks to its tremendous momentum for forward-thinking, flexibility and reaction in an ever-changing market and its long-term strategic vision, Wyjolab has been in constant growth.
During the past 30 years, Wyjolab has invested heavily in facilities and expansion. The team’s effective has also seen continual progression, and by the end of the year had grown to 60 employees.

The total area has increased from 4,100m2 in 2005 to 10,000m2 in 2016 with new production units, new R&D and quality control laboratories and increased storage areas. These most recent investments have enabled the pharmaceutical site to increase client capacity by more than 40% and to take on new product lines. These developments have added to our agility and flexibility in meeting development and manufacturing needs and have provided an opportunity to create partnerships for equipment dedicated to specific needs, in line with regulatory constraints.

A new name for ever higher levels of expertise and service to meet the needs of its clients

Wyjolab is merging with its sister company Véto-pharma – Beekeeping to become Véto-pharma Development and Manufacturing. The new legal entity will enhance agility and increase our capacity for innovation in the face of competition and ever more stringent regulatory constraints. There is sense in the old adage: “strength in numbers” and this merger will enable the employees of a single company to pool their expertise and join forces to open up new opportunities for growth and performance combined with the desire to meet our clients’ ever-higher expectations in terms of quality. Two new departments for expertise will be created: an innovation department, focusing on formulation, analytical and clinical development and regulatory issues, and an enhanced shared quality department for the establishments.

Véto-pharma: A single legal entity but still with two very distinct sectors of activity

The two companies will unite under the same name. However, they will retain their specific and very distinct sectors of activity and their respective sites.

  • Véto-pharma – Development and Manufacturing will increase its subcontracting services, 100% dedicated to its clients. So, its polymer extrusion expertise, to date reserved for beekeeping products, will in future be offered under development and manufacturing (soft chews, collars, etc.).
  • Véto-pharma – Beekeeping, 100% dedicated to bee health and nutrition, will continue to develop and market its product ranges in more than 35 countries worldwide.

Innovation, client culture and hard work remain the driving forces that will further enhance its expertise, skills and industrial performance.

”In order to continue our collaboration and maintain client confidence, which dates back 30 years, it is our responsibility to engage as a team with full pharmaceutical rigour, backed by our commitment to listen to your changing needs, in order that we may grow together.”

Raphaèle Massard – President