Since 1988, Wyjolab and its teams have been developing and producing pharmaceutical and nutritional products for its clients involved in the veterinary and nutrition industries.

2002 – Wyjolab joined the Arysta LifeScience Group and has since enjoyed the skills and resources that come with being a part of a multinational group. The active support of our parent company, together with the continuous development of our expertise and production methods, have enabled us to offer services to our clients that respond ever more closely to the requirements and developments of the animal health market.

2005 – New GMP liquid and semi-liquid production unit.

2012 – New fully GMP powder production unit and two new quality control and development laboratories. This major restructuring of the site at Chaillac (36) gave us the opportunity to respond even more closely to the developments of animal health market.

2015 – Continued expansion of the production site, now offering a surface area of 10,000m2, with the construction of a new logistics building, comprising a fully ergonomic sampling booth, in line with GMP standards, and new storage facilities.

2018 – Wyjolab celebrated its 30-year anniversary. This event provided the opportunity to shine a spotlight on those who have been involved for many years in this human adventure. This anniversary heralded new challenges to be met and a new organisational design…

A resolutely forward-looking team

2019 – Administrative merger of Wyjolab with Véto-pharma – Beekeeping, its sister company, and the pooling of expertise to make their stronger in the face of global competition. The old adage “strength in numbers” makes good sense. Within a single enterprise, its employees will join forces, creating new opportunities for growth and performance, combined with the desire to meet its clients’ ever-higher expectations in terms of quality.

Véto-pharma – Development and Manufacturing remains 100% dedicated to its clients.