Our vision & mission

At Véto-pharma, we draw daily on the values that form an integral part of our business. These values help stimulate our development strategy and guide our future decisions.


  • Committed to our clients
  • Creative
  • High-performance
  • Involved
  • Respectful of mankind and nature


To support all our clients by:

  • Creating quickly and differently

    You provide a new vision of the issues at the heart of each of your projects. Our teams work together with your dedicated departments to help find the best solutions for your markets through a consultancy approach.

  • Implementing a saving strategy

    You save time in terms of production, control and development, while optimising your production capacities, transferring the investments linked to the upkeep of GMP infrastructures to our specialist organisation and increasing flexibility.

  • Focusing you on your core business

    By freeing up your time and resources dedicated to non-core activities, you can enhance your expertise in your most strategic products and well-established technologies, making you more effective in serving your clients.



  • Production on a EU-GMP site with pharmaceutical-level surveillance, irrespective of the regulatory status of your product types.
  • The right human and material resources to guarantee a high level of quality for your products.


  • Batch sizes tailored to each market (from 200l for the smallest offers).
  • Optimisation of formulae and packaging guaranteed for all your projects.

Sense of service

  • Response to all quotation requests within two weeks (except in case of distinctive features requiring a longer period).
  • Contractual commitment to delivery times and annual review of all current projects.
  • Non-competition guarantee with your products.
  • Confidentiality for all your projects.