Formulation and Industrial transfer

Véto-pharma – Development and Manufacturing is making its development laboratory available, offering you an optimal solution for updating an existing product and relaunching it on an often competitive animal health market or providing your clients with an innovative solution.

Our development team works in two areas

  • Proactive development aimed at our group for minor species or for the licensing of products indicated for the treatment of major species.
  • Ad-hoc development, based on the specifications of our clients (substitution of a raw material, adjustment of a formula and/or manufacturing process, etc.).


  • Medicines (non-injectable, cytotoxic and ß-lactam).
  • Hygiene and treatment products.
  • Food supplements.

Formulation forms

  • Liquid (emulsion, solution, suspension).
  • Gel, paste, cream, ointment, etc.
  • Powder (mixing, micro-granulation by sizing).
  • Extruded forms including drug polymers, collars, etc.