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Véto-pharma approved for Research Tax Credit* since 2014

A real lever to support French companies’ development, the Research Tax Credit aims to improve innovation and the competitiveness of companies by supporting the investment effort in Research and Development (R&D). These can thus incur research and development expenses and be partially reimbursed.

The approval of Véto-pharma’s R&D services at the Research Tax Credit gives, to any company subject to tax in France, the possibility of having a tax credit equal to 30% of the amount of the R&D services performed.

The quality of our R&D services has been recognized and renewed many times in our Wyjolab entity from 2014-2016, then from 2016-2018. During the 2019 period, the authorization was successfully transferred from Wyjolab to Véto-pharma during the merger of its activities. More recently, we again obtained the renewal of this approval by the French Ministry of Research for 2020-2022.

Constantly searching for innovative solutions, our team of experts composed of engineers and technicians offers a service in galenic and analytical development, industrial transfer, and stability studies to players in the veterinary, hygiene, care, and nutrition sector. Our know-how of more than 30 years ensures you a turnkey follow-up of your projects, from the development of the specifications to the transposition and regulatory batches for the forms: liquid, semi-liquid, solid extruded, including medicine polymers.

Do you have R&D projects? We are listening to support you in the realization of your projects. – Tel: +33 2 54 25 61 32

What is the Research Tax Credit? It is a tax system allowing innovative companies to finance part of their R&D activities. The company can benefit from the Research Tax Credit in the form of a refund or a reduction in corporate tax. The terms of reimbursement of the Research Tax Credit depend on the situation of the company.

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