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Wyjolab celebrates 30 years of innovation and human adventure

On Friday 19 October last year, Wyjolab, the pharmaceutical laboratory for veterinary manufacturing, officially celebrated its 30-year anniversary, in the presence of the men and women who have contributed to its creation, support and development over the years: the Department of Indre, the Indre Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Federation of Municipalities and the Municipality of Chaillac, our partners, the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, local groups and local elected officials. This anniversary was an opportunity to reaffirm our investment strategy and announce our future change of name.

On the programme:

A guided tour of the facilities accompanied by a retrospective exhibition retracing the steps of the company over the years: the gradual expansion of the production areas, the development of the facilities, the research and development and quality control laboratories, and also the growing workforce and enhanced skills of our teams, with an ever-increasing focus on the objectives of quality and excellence.

In their respective speeches to the assembled guests, Mr François Jolivet, Member of Parliament for Indre, Mr Serge Descout, President of the Departmental Council of Indre, Mr Gérard Mayaud, Vice-President of the Departmental Council and Mayor of Chaillac and Mr Jérôme Gernais, President of the Indre Chamber of Commerce and Industry all emphasised their admiration for this pharmaceutical site located in the heart of the countryside, its evolution over the past three decades and the commitment of its management and teams to a philosophy and to strong human values with an ever-increasing focus on quality and flexibility to provide innovative solutions for its clients.

Ever higher levels of expertise and service to meet the needs of our clients

30 years of development and change have revealed our tremendous momentum for forward-thinking, flexibility and reaction in an ever-changing market and our long-term strategic vision.

Looking back over the past three decades, it is possible to highlight our key areas of development:

Enhancement of human resources:

Today this workforce has grown to 58 employees at the Chaillac site. In the past five years, key positions have been created in the following departments:

  • Commercial: Customer Services Manager based at the Chaillac site.
  • R&D: Development Engineers.
  • Procurement and Supplies: Procurement Manager with experience in the sector (specialising in: formulation and extrusion) and dedicated Purchaser.
  • QA: 2 QHSE Engineers.
  • Industrial Development: Industrial Development Manager, Industrial Development Engineer, Metrology Engineer.
  • HSE: function brought in-house.
  • Shared Regulatory Department.

Expansion of the production and storage areas:

Since 2004, Wyjolab has invested heavily in bringing new equipment into operation and in expanding the various production unit areas, R&D laboratory, quality control laboratory and storage areas. The total area has increased from 4,100m2 in 2005 to 10,000m2 in 2016.

The most recent expansion investments were started in 2015, enabling the plant to increase client capacity by more than 40% and, as a result, take on new product lines. These developments have added to its agility and flexibility in meeting its clients’ needs and have provided an opportunity to create partnerships for equipment dedicated to specific needs in line with regulatory constraints.

Evolution of our organisational and operational systems

Always keen to optimise performance, the Management is committed to new organisational and operational processes by integrating a Lean Manufacturing system, which includes Visual Performance Management, and optimising the ERP system.

A project-rich future:

In 2017, following many years of active financial support by the international group, and parent company of Wyjolab, the plant achieved growing turnover of 10.7 million euros. This solid backing enables us to broaden the current opportunities, guiding its clients towards new technologies and reaching out to new markets.

In her welcome address, after thanking all those who have contributed to the development of the company, the Managing Director of Wyjolab and CEO of Arysta Animal Health, its parent company, announced that the development strategy of the manufacturing activity at the site will include structural changes: from 1st January 2019, Wyjolab will undergo a change of name to Véto-pharma – Development and Manufacturing.

Véto-pharma – Development and Manufacturing will merge with its sister company, Véto-pharma – Beekeeping, for more than 25 years dedicated to the development and distribution of beekeeping products throughout France and rest of the world. The two companies will become a single legal entity. There is sense in the old adage: “strength in numbers” and this merger will enable the employees of a single company to pool their expertise and join forces to open up new opportunities for growth and performance combined with the desire to meet its clients’ ever-higher expectations in terms of quality.

Although the two companies will merge under the same name, they will retain their specific and very distinct of activity sectors. Véto-pharma – Development and Manufacturing will increase its CDMO services, 100% dedicated to its clients. This means that its polymer extrusion expertise, to date reserved for beekeeping products, will in future be offered under development and manufacturing. This merger will also see the creation of new departements for expertise: an innovation department, focusing on formulation, analytical and clinical development and regulatory issues, and an enhanced shared quality department for the establishments.

Innovation, client culture and hard work remain the driving forces that will further enhance our expertise, skills and industrial performance.

”In order to continue our collaboration and maintain client confidence, which dates back 30 years, it is our responsibility to engage as a team with full pharmaceutical rigour, backed by our commitment to listen to your changing needs, in order that we may grow together.”

The President